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Wow! A very mature musician..hats off to you.
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Words cannot express how happy I am that I hired NJ Ladyfingers for my wedding this past May! From beginning to end Normita was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her professionalism, kindness, and eagerness to help and make everything a smooth process was something that I appreciated so much. I did not have to worry about a thing! The band was GREAT, and I am still receiving compliments and great reviews from our guests a month later! Great live music is very hard to come by, but with NJ Ladyfingers I hit the jackpot! Thank you NJ Ladyfingers for making my wedding so special! Side note - the new CD is great!
Heard your music on WMNF tonight 4-27-12 and wanted to tell you I thoroughly enjoyed your sound. Then I came to your sight and saw you occasionally use Kevin for your bassist and I love Kevin who I hung with the monicker Special "K" when he was playing bass for Global Affect for the Clearwater Jazz Holiday. I will keep up with your gigs and catch you live soon. Peace, marc
Just LOVE Eargasm....gotta have it!!
Your performance last night was great my dear cousin (2/18/2012) Had a great time!
Smooth Jazz I'm just loving it and I can't wait to see it in stores I DEFINITELY WILL BUY 4 1 FOR ME AND 3 TO SHARE WITH friends!!!
Congrats Mita on your success....
Fingers, how are you? Nice pictures of the President and family. Just wanted you to know I am taking piano lessons. Hopefully, I will finally get to learn. Cedrita has retired from GM and I don't think we will be moving anytime soon. It's only been four months, but I am loving it. Tell Tim I asked about him...!
I am Ken Barry's sister-in-law, love your site and music. Marylee
Go, girl!
Heard you tonight in Westchase and you are AWESOME!!! Looking forward to hearing you again soon!! Thanks for a wonderful night!!
I LOVE your CD! It's really great! My husband and I just listened to it again!
Very NICE!
What a dynomite website.......Blessed to be in the mix.....Basil
I really love your site and the sound bites.. I hope your songs are being played on the radio... Hope to see ya soon. Keep composing those songs... Love ya
Great new website. My son really enjoys his piano lessons. Thanks a million. Good Luck.
Looking forward to hearing more tunes at our wedding reception in November! Thanks so much and can't wait.